Paint Sector

Calcium carbonate is the main filler, it ensures better lustring low oil absorptions, easy spreading, it lasts longer, and resists to the worst weather conditions in paint sector. Fineness and particle-dimension distribution affect covering characteristic of coatings.
Calcium carbonate gives paints characteristics like high gloss, low oil absorbance, easy spreading, resistance to weather conditions, low wearing, low electrolyte content, pH balancing effect, improved anti corrosion and rheological characteristics. Paints are divided into two categories according to their effects on environment as water-based and solvent-based paints.
Water –Based Paints:
They can be thinned by using water. Calcium carbonate is used as filler up to 70%.
Solvent – Based Paints:
They can be thinned through using thinner. Calcium carbonate is used as filler up to 50%.
Primers and Putties:
As natural calcium carbonate has alkali pH value and low oil absorbance characteristics, it creates the ideal condition for primers. Calcium carbonate filling material gives shine, viscosity and resistance effects.


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